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About Us

By | Updated: January 24, 2023

NJcasimile is a dedicated organization whose sole aim is to ensure individuals interested in online and land-based casino gambling in New Jersey have all the information they need. They not only offer resources for online gamblers but also information such as which sites are the best, where to find which games, and more. What sets the organization apart from the rest is that it is not connected to any gambling site in New Jersey. The provided information its users get is independent and well collaborative. Following our goals and dedication, we intend to create a trustworthy site that gamblers can look up to.

Our Goals

We are guided by three main goals that cater to the various needs of the users. Considering that there are several other online sites, one of the main goals is to highlight the benefits of playing at legal and regulated casinos. Players can select the best land-based and online casinos with our provided information on legal sites.

Besides providing legal sites, we also offer honest reviews that encompass the promotions, games available, bonuses, and any other unique aspect of a casino. These reviews are also done for sports betting apps. We aim to offer comprehensive reviews to tell you all you need to know about gambling in New Jersey.

Lastly, we aim to provide updated news on legal NJ gambling, including Atlantic City casinos. We believe our clients should be aware of anything happening in the gambling scene that could affect their playing at various casinos.

Why You Can Trust Us

We have been in the gambling scene for almost a decade now and have a team of professional writers and analysts with a clear understanding of the gambling scene. The better part of the team has been with us since the inception, researching and curating relevant information for gamblers in NJ and beyond.

On top of the wide array of writers and analysts, we have the appropriate licensing to operate in New Jersey. We are covered under Catena Operations Ltd. as a licensed vendor by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

How We Review Gambling Sites

When writing our casino reviews, here are a few things we pay special attention to;

Variety of Games Available

Gaming variety is one of the most important factors when picking a casino. Whether online or land-based, they should have various games for players. As reviewers, we focus on the types of games available. Do they have video poker? How many table games do they have?

These are among the main questions we answer while looking at each site. By stating the software providers affiliated with a site, players get an idea of the game’s variety to expect.

Bonuses and Promotions

Though most users do not join sites for the availability of bonuses and promotions, it doesn’t hurt to have some. When looking at each casino’s suitability, we look at the kind of bonuses they have. Also, we highlight what the sites need from players to enjoy the promotions and bonuses. For instance, what are the waging requirements? Are free spins designated for specific slots games or all of them?

Mobile Options

With the ever-changing technological scene, users find casinos with mobile versions preferable. This is because they can use their handheld devices to play games from wherever. Our reviews indicate whether these online or land-based sites have mobile versions and the same quality. With this information, players can decide whether they prefer a casino with an online mobile alternative or one without the same.

Payment Options

Currently, there are numerous payment options collaborating with online and land-based casinos. Our goal for reviews is to provide users with a list of the most used payment options for each site. Also, we offer which payment options that are not accepted by certain casinos. This is important because users need a site that is in tune with their preferences.

Licensing and Regulations

Another crucial aspect is licensing and regulations. Within each casino, we examine the licensing and regulatory bodies and their compliance with the same. Our reviews detail which licensing authority the site operates under, which is crucial information when deciding to play on a site.

Other than that, we also look at their responsible gambling policies. Some casinos offer a given playing limit for players prone to gambling addictions. Others offer links to gambling addiction helplines. We are dedicated to ensuring that New Jersey players gamble responsibly at legal sites authenticated by licensing and regulatory bodies.

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