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By | Updated: January 26, 2023

Can’t find the best live online blackjack casino in New Jersey? A piece of cake for our expert team! This casino game has gained unprecedented acceptance and popularity among NJ gamblers. You can interact with a genuine dealer, watch a live stream as cards are dealt, chat with fellow players across the globe, and participate in frenzied rounds!

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💥Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos in New Jersey

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Consequently, New Jersey has become home to many live dealer blackjack casinos, but how many of these are worthwhile? This guide will help you make the best choice as I discuss the criteria to assess your search and highlight the software developers to look out for. Similarly, I sharpen your knowledge of the game by evaluating its numerous variants and enumerating practical playing pointers recommended by experts.

✍🏻 How to Find the Best Live Dealer Blackjack NJ Casinos ?

Selecting an exceptional live blackjack site from the various sites can be challenging. However, you may simplify the process by reviewing specific features, that blackjack casino sites must excel at to deserve your time.

No. of Live Blackjack (BJ) Casinos, NJ10+
Popular ProvidersEvolution, Ezugi
Premier BJ Casino, NJFanDuel
Tables Availability24 Hours
Min. Bet Variation$0.50 – $50
Max. Bet Variation$2,500–$10,000
Maximum Live BJ$31,250

Below are some essential considerations before deciding on any live dealer blackjack site.

💥 Fast Payouts

Ascertaining a casino’s payout setup is a necessity during evaluation. Can this casino allow you to withdraw winnings as quickly as you want? Read player reviews on trusted sites.

🚨 Safety

If a casino doesn’t guarantee safety by taking certain measures, what’s the essence of risking your private information and cash? Check out the casino’s licensor and its game auditor.

🎲 Game Variations

A casino’s live offering is most interesting when you can alternate among many selections. You want to ensure that a casino presents the different blackjack variants.

🤞🏽 Reliability

A live dealer casino should be enjoyable at all times. It also covers deserved access to all casino features every time you play. Endeavor to load the free Blackjack (BJ) rounds at intervals under different network conditions using various device types before your decision.

🏦 Payment Methods

Except if you don’t plan to play for real money, the available banking channels at a casino are worth evaluating. Start by determining if the site has popular payment options you find convenient and find out if there are special fees to pay for transacting.

🥳 Bonuses

It’s undebatable that live blackjack bonuses make the experience more enjoyable. Bonus offers can improve your chances of winning, let you wager games without paying, and offer you the chance to win exceptional prizes from throat-cutting tournaments.

☄️ Popular Live Dealer Blackjack NJ Variants

One of the reasons live blackjack appeals to many player castes is the variety of options it presents. Casino gamers can switch effortlessly from one variant to the other. This is why the scope of game variations remains crucial when reviewing NJ live casinos and sites. Before you start playing, here’s a helpful explanation of each blackjack game type available online.

✅ Pontoon

Running on regular decks of 52 cards each and offering players the chance to play up to three hands at once, Pontoon offers a refreshing take. The variant improves your winning chances significantly by letting you play each hand against the host independently.

✅ Spanish 21

This casino game favors players in decisions that could go either way. For example, Spanish 21 allows you to win instead of push on a 21 if the dealer has 21 as well. However, the game doesn’t use 10s in its decks, which can disadvantage the players.

✅ European Blackjack

In this variation, the dealer is bound to hit and stand on 16 and 17, respectively, and most rounds use 6 decks instead of 8. Players can split, double down, hit, or stand in European Blackjack, and the rules concerning each decision are simple enough.

✅ Bet Behind

Known as back betting in land casinos, this live blackjack game allows you to wager on other players’ hands. It’s a common option when there’s no extra seat at the table, although it’s available even if there are seats.

✅ Blackjack Switch

This mode allows players to use two hands at the same time as they try to win against the dealer. The game runs on 6 decks, and while the dealer doesn’t check for Blackjack, they hit on soft 17s and stand on hard 17s. The disadvantage of this game is that 23 (not 22) busts the dealer’s hand.

✅ Double Exposure

This 6-decked variant deals the host’s first two cards face up as an exciting twist and allows players to double down on 9,10, or 11 and split once on each hand. However, there are a few turnoffs, such as that you can’t split after doubling down, and the dealer wins if both of you have tied hands.

🆚 Differences Between Live Dealer Blackjack Tables

Blackjack stands differ from casino to casino, so players can alternate among them all without tiring. Consequently, the best NJ online casinos have unique interfaces for their blackjack lobbies, courtesy of the software manufacturers they engage. Discover what makes them unique in the following paragraphs.

👉🏽 House Advantage & Drawing Rules

This factor depends on the blackjack system a developer adopts: American or European. In the former, the dealer can peek at their hold card for a potential blackjack should their first card be an ace.

Conversely, the latter doesn’t allow peeking, and you’ll get back 50% of your stake if the dealer has a blackjack after the ace card. Other drawing rules may be different including when you’re allowed to surrender, double down, or split, and the number of cards per deck.

👉🏽 Playing Interface

Programmers want their customers to get unique experiences from their products, so each design is unique. However, regardless of the differences, the best software manufacturers make highly intuitive interfaces, so you can rest assured the offering is always satisfactory.

👉🏽 Stream Quality

This is an important metric as high-definition stream quality encourages an immersive experience and vice versa. Most developers operate high-end studios that allow impeccable video quality, but you can’t enjoy the package without an excellent internet connection.

👉🏽 Live Dealers

Dealers may have different attitudes depending on the table you pick. The Party Live table features chatty and friendly hosts, while the more illustrious ones, like the Salon Price Ultra VIP, feature reserved dealers who manage things quietly to achieve a calming ambiance.

👉🏽 Playing Experience on Mobile

Live Blackjack is readily enjoyable on mobile devices, but the experience may differ depending on the casino. Most sites allow your navigation through their websites only, while others introduce a mobile app that makes gameplay faster.

❓How Does Live Blackjack Work?

Live blackjack sites work similarly to conventional digital casinos. The first step is to sign up, and when this is done, you can log in to your account and choose from the options available under the live blackjack section. Typically, a table has seven seats, and you can take an open seat before the next round commences. It’s recommended to consider your budget, gaming preferences, and betting limits before making a decision.

👨🏽‍💻 Live Blackjack Software Features

After selecting your preferred live dealer blackjack table, the dealer welcomes you with a shoe full of cards. You’ll also find active hands in their front. The following are other onscreen features you may find:

  • Limits: Here, you can check the betting limit and specific table guidelines.
  • Tips: Some give you suggestions on what to do.
  • Full Screen: To block out all the features and watch only the game.
  • Live Chat: A feature to text with the live dealer.
  • Jackpot: This shows the value of the jackpot as you play.

✔️ Hand Payouts

  • Blackjack 2:1
  • Insurance 2:1
  • Other wins 1:1

✔️ Table Rules

  • Split pairs
  • Host hits soft 17
  • Double down after split

✔️ Side Bets

  • Rummy
  • Pairs Plus
  • 21 + 3

🆚 Live Blackjack Versus Traditional Blackjack

Live blackjack sites are similar to physical casinos in numerous ways. Both use real-person dealers, genuine cards, and the same equipment, with the only difference being the medium of communication. The former uses the chat box, while the latter employs face-to-face conversations.

On the contrary, Blackjack in traditional casinos is playable only against a preprogrammed algorithm, and a random number generator (RNG) determines the outcomes. Traditional Blackjack is a single-player casino game.

🎖 Best Live Blackjack Providers in New Jersey

Software providers play a significant role in how your live dealer blackjack in NJ playing experience turns out. They are responsible for designing the tables and their exclusive features. Also, you can be confident of intense competition even when you play at new NJ online casinos with fewer customers than the old-timers. This is because top-notch software developers organize a network that allows players from all their casinos to participate in live blackjack tournaments. Here’s a brief highlight of these manufacturers so you know what to look for on your search.

ProviderTablesBlackjack PaysDecksDealer Stands on 17?Double DownInsurance?Surrender? House Edge
⚡Evolution Gaming100+3:28YesYesYesYes0.73%
⚡Lucky Streak50+3:28YesYesYesYes0.48%

👉🏽 Evolution Gaming

Evolution is the world’s leading live blackjack developer, so its presence in NJ casinos makes for an exciting experience. The company boasts the largest live studio in Europe, with over 100 tables. Each features 7 main participants and accepts Bet Behind stakes from interested viewers. Typical side bet options include Bust It, Any Pair, and Hot 7s.

👉🏽 Ezugi

Ezugi is ranked after Evolution when it comes to live blackjack development. This company focuses solely on live games and has offered quite a number. Ezugi has 9 world-class studios across the world, with one in New Jersey. Tables accept 7 players per round, but the absence of Bet Behind means stakes aren’t welcome after it is filled.

🆚 Land vs Online vs Live Dealer

Blackjack lovers are split on the ideal medium to enjoy the game. Conservative gamers stick to land-based venues, while the more recent gamers prefer online platforms, which may be traditional or live. The table below weighs in on the argument by comparing the essential features of each variant.

FeatureLand CasinoOnline CasinoLive Casino
Bonus Offers
Regular Rollers
High Rollers
Playing Expenses

✍🏻 How to Play Live Blackjack Games

Strategies and software developers may differ, but blackjack variations generally operate on standard rules. Knowing these guidelines lets you have fun with all kinds of live dealer blackjack NJ games. Open an account at an online casino that satisfies the necessary criteria, select your preferred live blackjack tables, choose a side, and start playing.

📚 Live Blackjack Terminologies

Regardless of the software programmer, all stands have the same terminologies. Knowing what each means can make your casino experience easier and more enjoyable.

Double DownThis option allows you to double down when you have the same cards and increases your winning possibility.
Side StakesThese are bets on specific outcomes apart from the Blackjack, which may yield great rewards.
Hit Split AcesThis allows you to receive only one extra card after splitting a pair of aces.
ResplitThe privilege to split identical cards again after your initial split.
SurrenderThis is the chance to get half of your stake back before playing.

🤏🏼 Hit or Stand: When?

Deciding if to hit or stand is easier after you’ve seen your cards and the dealer’s first card. Below are highlights of when to hit or stand according to a proven mathematical strategy that optimizes your winning chances.

 Dealer’s Hand
Player’s Hand13HHHD-HD-HHHHHH
Dealer’s Hand

S  = Stand,   H   = Hit, D-H = double if possible, hit otherwise, D-S, double if possible, stand otherwise

⚡Splitting Pairs

This is an option to open up two same-value cards and play them separately. However, if you take this offer, you’ll have to make another wager at the original value. Unlike what most people think, splitting pairs isn’t always the best decision. You can consult the list below to know when to, keeping your cards and the dealer’s up-card in mind.

Player’s Pairs2345678910A

SP = Split Pairs

✌🏽 Doubling Down

In live Blackjack, you can double your stakes after your cards have been dealt. However, note you can receive only one more card after you double down, so only do so when it’s necessary. Ensure to consider the dealer’s first card and the rules to clarify if there are any restrictions.

 Dealer’s Hand

Player’s Hand


 D = Double Down

🎯 Live Online Blackjack Tips and Strategies

Seasoned blackjack players recommend some tips that have improved their winning percentage whenever applied correctly. Our experts agree with these recommendations, having tried them out with favorable results.

  • Hit or Stand When Appropriate: Hitting or standing at the right time is an essential blackjack strategy to getting the better of the dealer. Check the above to ensure you do so correctly.
  • Double Down: Doubling down greatly increases your winning chances but also waters down your possibilities if you don’t.
  • Split Pairs: Never split pairs just because they are pairs. See the highlight above to know the right time to split identical cards.
  • Soft Total Can Help You: Getting an ace in your first hand opens up your options, as the card can be worth whatever you want. This allows for more risky moves before you take a stand.

📱 Live Dealer Blackjack on Mobile

Blackjack live dealer is easily accessible on mobile devices, whether android or iOS. So you can risk a hand whenever you want to at your favorite online casino. This applies to all casino title types, whether you choose to play online poker in NJ or live roulette in CA. All blackjack variants can be enjoyed online through the casino’s website or app. However, you require a solid connection for this to work smoothly.

✊🏽 Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Blackjack in NJ

Live online dealer blackjack is an enjoyable game with plenty of features you can’t enjoy with traditional online Blackjack. However, some gamers find a few faults with the game, so we’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of playing it below.

🎲The ability to interact with others as you play🎱Live blackjack isn’t as diverse as slot offerings
🎲Branded playing stands from developers to up the thrill of playing.🎱The fear of card counting is real to an extent
🎲Provisions for low-rolling gamers with the $0.50 Party Blackjack
🎲High rollers can have all the fun with the illustrious Salon Privé
🎲Game rounds are typically more intense due to the presence of players across the globe

🎬 Conclusion

Live dealer blackjack in NJ is one of the most entertaining casino games to play online. The game is supported by some of the industry’s best programmers, notably Ezugi and Evolution. Therefore, you can be confident of amazing fun with exclusively designed features. You’ll find numerous casinos offering these titles, but you can filter them using the metrics discussed earlier. Ready to start betting against players from anywhere in the world? Best of luck!

❓ FAQ:

1️⃣ What Is a Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live blackjack is an online version of Blackjack that allows you to play against and interact with real players. It is coordinated by an actual dealer.

2️⃣ Is Live Blackjack Rigged?

No, live blackjack isn’t rigged. However, ensure your favorite casino is licensed by a reputable regulator to be completely sure.

3️⃣ Where Can I Play Blackjack With a Live Dealer in New Jersey?

You can play online Blackjack with live dealer in NJ in various top casinos, including FanDuel, BetMGM, Hard Rock, WynnBet, and Unibet.

4️⃣ Is Live Dealer Blackjack Legit in NJ?

The New Jersey Casino Control Act and Regulations make live Blackjack legit in New Jersey.

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