Bier Haus

Slot data
Min bet
Medium Volatility
Bayern Style

What is Bier Haus Slot?

Bier Haus Slot is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 40-pay line slot game. WMS, one of the most renowned gaming software providers, developed it. The game has a Bavarian theme set in a typical German Biergarten called “Krug Bierhaus.”

The soundtrack for this game is lively and upbeat, with lots of traditional German music playing in the background. The symbols are all related to beer, including glasses filled with beer, empty drinks, bottles of beer, kegs, and barrels full of beer as well as other items such as pretzels and pretzel racks, steins filled with beer, and many other things associated with drinking beer in Germany.

The bonus features include Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, and Free Spins Bonus Rounds.

Bier Haus Slot Symbols

Bier Haus symbols are a great sign that this is one of the best beer-themed slots on the market. The reels are loaded with symbols from the beer world, such as a mug of beer, a bottle opener, a glass of beer, and more.

The logo of Bier Haus itself represents the Wild symbol in this slot. It substitutes for all other symbols except for Scatter (which has its value). The Scatter symbol in this game is represented by an image of several people having fun at a barbeque party with hamburgers and drinks.

Bier Haus Slot RTP & Volatility

The Bier Haus RTP is 95%. This means that every 100 times you play this game, you’ll lose 96.71 times and win 3.29 times. This is a very high Return to Player percentage suitable for players.

The volatility of this game is relatively low compared to other games in its category. This means that players can play for extended periods without losing too much money if they do not win big wins every time they spin the reels.

Bier Haus Slot Slot Features

The Bier Haus Slot has a lot of features that you can enjoy. This is excellent because having fun and winning big will be easy.

Wild symbols are special symbols that can replace any other symbol in the game. Free spins are an excellent feature that allows you to win more money without risking your own money. Scatters are special symbols allowing players to earn extra points even when they do not appear in a winning combination.

Bier Haus Slot Graphics & Sound

The graphics in the Bier Haus slot game are very well done. The sounds that can be heard in this game include the sound of bottles being opened and poured out and various other noises you would hear at a beer garden or pub. The music is also very appropriate for this theme, being played by a live band in a pub setting with dancers on stage performing to their tunes.

My Experience of Playing Bier Haus Slot in demo mode

Bier Haus is one slot that I have been playing for quite some time now and it is one that I enjoy a lot.

I have been playing this game on mobile and desktop computers. I prefer playing this game on my desktop computer rather than on my mobile phone because many more options are available when playing it in demo mode using my desktop computer than when playing it in my mobile phone mode.

It is an excellent game because it has many different features you can use to make money while playing it.

Bier Haus Slot – Final Thoughts

The Bier Haus slot game is today’s most popular online game. It’s also one of the most exciting video slots, with several features that make it different from other free slots. The graphics are great and there are many ways to win money in this slot machine game.