What is Floating Dragon Slot?

The Floating Dragon Slot game was developed by Microgaming, one of the world’s leading online casino software providers. The game is based on an Asian theme, with Chinese symbols and images. The graphics are very colorful and vibrant, with plenty of animation effects to keep you entertained while you play this exciting new slot machine.

The slot machine has five reels and 25 pay lines, so there are plenty of opportunities to win big prizes if you hit the right combinations on each spin. You can bet between $0.40 and $40 per pay line, so your total wager could range from $1 up to $1000 per spin!

This game has no special features or bonus games, but it has free spins with multipliers attached to them. You can get up to 15 free spins at once when playing this game and each free spin will be accompanied by an x2 multiplier attached to it.

Floating Dragon Slot Symbols

The Floating Dragon symbols are represented by the usual five-reel, 20 payline format. The symbols include the dragon, the flaming pearl, the red lantern and the lucky number 7. These are joined by a range of other symbols designed to help you win big rewards for your spins on this slot game.

The dragon is the highest paying symbol in this game, with a payout of 250 coins if you land five of them on an active payline. This is followed by the red lantern, which has a payout of 100 coins for five appearing on an active payline. The flaming pearl and lucky number 7 have a payout of 50 coins for five appearing on an active payline, while all other symbols have a payout of 10 coins for five appearing on an active payline.

Floating Dragon Slot RTP & Volatility

The Floating Dragon RTP is 96.4%. This means that for every 100 bets, the slot will return 96.4% of all wagers to players. This is higher than many other video slots on the market and means that you can expect to win back more than four dollars for every five dollars wagered.

The volatility of this game is very low. You can play the game with low stakes and still have fun. This means that you will not have to spend much money to win big prizes, making it a good game for beginners and experts alike.

Floating Dragon Slot Features

The Floating Dragon Slot features are wild symbols, which can be used to replace any other symbol on the reels to complete winning combinations. This makes it easier for players to win more often than not.

In addition to wild symbols, this game has scatter symbols. These symbols will get you some free spins when they appear on the reels during regular gameplay. The number of free spins awarded depends on how many scatter symbols appear on the reels during regular gameplay.

The Floating Dragon Slot also has a bonus round feature where you can win up to 1000x your bet if you manage to land all five dragon scatter symbols at once in any position on the reels!

Floating Dragon Slot Graphics & Sound

The graphics of the Floating Dragon Slot are quite detailed and they include some beautiful images of dragons, a chinese temple, a golden dragon and other symbols. The sound effects are also very nice. There is a lot of music in the background that fits perfectly with the theme of this game.

My Experience of Playing Floating Dragon Slot in demo mode

I have been playing the Floating Dragon Slot for quite sometime now and I must say that it is one of the best slots that I have ever played. The graphics are amazing and many other features make this slot one of my favorites

One of the main reasons I like this game so much is because it has a very high payout percentage, which means that players can win big amounts of money when they play this game. The other thing is that this game has many different features that give you more chances to win.

Floating Dragon Slot – Final Thoughts

The Floating Dragon Slot is a classic slot machine game with much going for it. It is simple to play, with just three reels and one pay line. There are no complicated bonus features or special symbols to worry about. The only thing that you need to focus on is spinning the reels and hoping that they land on some tasty wins!