What is Ocean Magic Slot?

Ocean Magic is a 5-reel, 20-line video slot that features a magical theme. The symbols in this game are made up of sea creatures and other characters from the ocean. The game offers a lot of different features as well as free spins to make your gaming experience fun and exciting.

The main goal of this game is to land three or more matching symbols on an active payline from left to right to win cash prizes or multiplier wins. When you land at least two wild symbols on an active payline, they will expand into more wild symbols on the adjacent reel positions. This means that all other symbols on this reel (except for Scatters) will be replaced by wilds as well and you can collect more cash prizes as a result!

This game has been released by IGT provider and can be played on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Ocean Magic Slot Symbols

There are a lot of Ocean Magic symbols, but the most important are the wild and scatter. The wild symbol is represented by a goldfish, and it can substitute for any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination. This means that if you’re looking for a specific combination that would win you big, you may need to go through some rounds before you find it. However, if there are no more combinations available, then the wild will stand in for all missing symbols.

The scatter is represented by an octopus, and you need three or more of these to trigger the free spins round. Three octopuses will give you 10 free spins while four will give eight extra spins.

Ocean Magic Slot RTP & Volatility

The RTP (Return to Player) for this game is 96.07%. This means that over the long term, if you were to play Ocean Magic on a real money casino site with an average bet of $1/spin, you would expect to lose $3.93 every 100 spins, but win $96.07 on average for every 100 spins that you won money on.

The volatility of the Ocean Magic Slot is 3.93%. This means that in any given day, the volatility can be anywhere from 2% to 5%. The volatility is calculated using the last 6 months of data from this game.

Ocean Magic Slot Features

The Ocean Magic Slot is packed full of different features that make it one of the most entertaining slots on the market today.

The wild symbol in this game is a blue octopus that will replace all standard symbols except for the scatter symbol when they appear on an active payline. This means that they can help you create winning combinations much easier than if they didn’t exist at all!

The scatter symbol in this game is an orange starfish which will appear anywhere on reels 1, 3, 5 or 6 to trigger the free spins feature. You’ll need at least 3 scatters symbols to trigger this feature, but it doesn’t matter where they land on the reels as long as at least two of them appear at once.

Ocean Magic Slot Graphics & Sound

The graphics of Ocean Magic Slot are dark blue, green and yellow. The symbols include sea creatures such as fish, crabs and sharks as well as treasure chests with gold coins inside them.

The sound effects on Ocean Magic Slot include the whoosh of bubbles rising from the bottom of the ocean floor and the sound of waves crashing against rocks on shorelines.

My Experience of Playing Ocean Magic Slot in demo mode

I have played the Ocean Magic Slot in demo mode and I can say that it is a very good game. It is not different from a main version. It has a beautiful design, it is quite entertaining, and it also has many bonuses.

The graphics of this slot are very beautiful and they will not leave anyone indifferent. The ocean theme is well represented here, as well as the sea creatures that are shown on the reels.

The sound effects of this slot are also very nice and they create a relaxing mood during playing.

Ocean Magic Slot – Final Thoughts

Ocean Magic is a great game with a lot of potential. It’s got a very good theme, and it’s one of the best looking games on the market. It also has some nice features that are fun to play with, but I feel like it could use more variety in them.